An Invitation to Contribute


This special hypertext edition of Hamlet is 'open source', that is, it is planned never to be complete (cf. THE PROJECT). You as a user of this edition are kindly invited to send interesting examples of Hamlet's presence to our editorial team at the English Dept. of Basel University. We are interested in all kinds/categories of Hamlet Reference (from Literature to Advertising, from Classical Music and Opera to Techno and Rap, from Rembrandt to ???) that show intertextual relationships to the play. We have provided a form with fixed categories and layout where you can 'fill in' your contributions. As with all research you will be given full credit for your work.
Philipp Hottinger

The project is open-ended, and we hope that people who take an interest in it, will contribute additional material.

You may want to be among them. If this is the case, please do contact us.

Please use the submission file (Word format) we have prepared; this will make it easier for us to include your contribution in the edition.

=> STYLE SHEET & CONTRIBUTION FILE (HTML format) (printable)

=> STYLE SHEET & CONTRIBUTION FILE (Word format) (printable)