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1. Why does it take so long to load this web site?

We have decided to keep all the references (so far) in one piece. Therefore, all the references are stored in one single file, "references.htm". This makes it easier for you to compare the references. The drawback is that this file is quite large and takes quite a long time to download (especially if you are using a 56k Modem).

Therefore, we strongly recommend downloading the files to your computer first. This also enables you to view the information offline and makes it easier for you to work with the data.

2. I cannot resize the border between the two frames

This may occur if you use another browser than Microsoft Internet Explorer. Problems
of this kind have been reported by users using a Mac with an OS older than 9.2 and Netscape.
It should work with Internet Explorer on a Mac.


3. This web site is too "big" for my screen

Try another screen resolution and/or maximise your window.

4. How do I download parts of this site to my computer?

Open the following files and safe them to your local hard disc. Safe them in the same folder and open the "hamlet_revisiting.htm" with your web browser:

- Hamlet text (hamlet.htm)

- References (references.htm)

- Default frameset (hamlet_revisiting.htm)

For other framesets, go to our navigation page.


Further questions?

-> Contributions/Content of this site: Philipp Hottinger
-> Technical issues: Marco Fava