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Venus and Adonis


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on-line editions

Venus and Adonis, ed. Hardy M. Cook [http://web.uvic.ca/shakespeare/Library/Texts/Poems/Ven/index.html]

Searchable Shakespearean Poetry Database: [http://quarles.unbc.edu/shakescan/] (09/05/00)


Venere e Adone (Italian) [http://infoservice.dnsq.org/sh-poesie.html]

Venus & Adonis Dutch translation by Jan Jonk. [http://www.janjonk.nl/] (March 2002)

François Pierre Guillaume Guizot (1821 Vénus et Adonis; La mort de Lucrèce; La mort d'une amante; Le pèlerin amoureux. (Paris, Didier, 1862-64).
François-Victor Hugo: Oeuvres complètes de William Shakespeare vol 15 Sonnets. Poëmes. Testament.
both translations online at:
Bibliothèque nationale de France, Gallica &endash; mode image, format PDF
or via:

sources and context

Metamorphoses, in Latin: [http://www.gmu.edu/departments/fld/CLASSICS/ovid.met.html]
Fasti, Latin, books I, II, VI [http://www.gmu.edu/departments/fld/CLASSICS/ovid.fasti.html]

not available:
, Ovid, trans. Golding, 1575

adaptations in literature

Obey, André. Venus et Adonis. (play) 1931.

adaptations in music

John Blow,
Venus and Adonis, 1682. Libretto, anon. [http://php.indiana.edu/~lneff/libretti/venus.html]
excerpts: A Ground, In these sweet groves (MIDI) [http://www.midiworld.com/earlymus.htm]

Hans Werner Henze,
Venus und Adonis. Opera in 1 Act for singers and dancers (1993-95) Text: Hans-Ulrich Treichel [http://www.schott-music.com/rep_fr_e.htm]


Janssens, Abraham (b. 1573/74, Anvers, d. 1632, Antwerpen)
Venus and Adonis [http://www.kfki.hu/~arthp/html/j/janssens/venus_ad.html]


Johnson, Patricia J.
Constructions of Venus in Ovid's Metamorphoses V [http://muse.jhu.edu/demo/arethusa/29.1johnson.html]

Kuchar, Gary:
Narrative and the Forms of Desire in Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis. Early Modern Literary Studies 5.2 (September, 1999) [http://www.shu.ac.uk/emls/05-2/kuchvenu.htm]

Lester, Richard.
Why Was Venus and Adonis Published? Elizabethan Review. [http://www.jmucci.com/ER/articles/Venus.htm] (May 2002)

Maslen, R.W.
Venus and Adonis and the death of Orpheus [http://www2.arts.gla.ac.uk/SESLL/STELLA/COMET/glasgrev/issue1/maslen.htm] (May 2002)

Moulton: From The Library of Literary Criticism of English and American Authors, ed. Charles Wells Moulton, 8 vols. (London: Moulton Publishing, 1901), 1: 454-56. [http://geocities.com/litpageplus/shakmoul_v-a.html]

Norton, Rictor.
The Homosexual Pastoral Tradition (Venus and Adonis) Queer History and Literature, 1974, 1997 [http://www.infopt.demon.co.uk/pastor05.htm]

Woodhuyson, H. R. Variable Passions: A Reading of Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis, pp. 279-280, in: Notes and Queries, vol. 49, issue 2002, pdf-file. [http://www3.oup.co.uk/notesj/hdb/Volume_49/Issue_02/] (June 2002)

deutsche Webseiten

Gröchel, André:
William Shakespeare - Lyrik: Gut gestaltete deutsche Website mit Informationen zu Quellen, Einführung, Hintergründe, Links zu deutschen und englischen elektronischen Texten usw. [http://www.deslit.de/shakespeare/lyrik.htm#Venus] Falls der Link nicht klappt:



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