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Hamlet: on-line editions, translations, sources

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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Englisch-deutsche Studienausgabe:
Übersetzung mit Anmerkungen von Norbert Greiner, Einleitung und Kommentar von Wolfgang G. Müller http://www.stauffenburg.de/asp/books.asp?id=1031
Bilingual edition forthcoming:
Stauffenburg Verlag


page 1:
on-line editions (Folio and Quartos) / modern editions / audio excerpts / translations (German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese)/ sources /
page 2:
productions and performances : stage history / actors, pictures of performances / reviews of productions / film versions (1900 - 2002)
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adaptations in literature / parodies / adaptations in music : musicals - operas and incidental music - songs - ballets / paintings, engravings / popular culture: tourism
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bibliographies - historical criticism - recent criticism
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in the classroom: courses, lectures, general approaches / study questions, essay topics / teaching resources / teaching units / sites for students / deutsche Webseiten / en français / just for fun
page 6:
Proseminar Hamlet (2002): course programme, film programme, reading Hamlet, bibliography, editing Hamlet
page 7:
A project in progress: Hamlet revisited: Uses (allusions, quotations etc.) in later texts. Based on a Moby version of Hamlet


on-line editions

Folio and Quarto editions

Hamlet: 1st and 2nd Quarto, Folio [http://web.uvic.ca/shakespeare/Annex/DraftTxt/Ham/index.html]
Hamlet, 1623, scanned facsimile ed. [http://www.library.upenn.edu/etext/furness/hamlet1623/] (Jan. 2002)
Hamlet, 3rd Quarto 1611 (Nov. 2001)

Quartos 1603, 1604 [http://www.columbia.edu/~fs10/hamlet.htm]

The Enfolded Hamlet (F1 and Q2 version, combined or single), Bernice W. Kliman [http://global-language.com/enfolded.html]

Folio (1623), University of Virginia [http://etext.virginia.edu/shakespeare/folio/]

Promptbooks of the 17th Century ed. G. Blakemore-Evans. [http://etext.virginia.edu/bsuva/promptbook/] (25/04/01)

Nineteenth Century Hamlet Promptbooks [http://www3.humnet.unipi.it/nutshell/hamlet/start.html] (July 04)

Hamlet on the Ramparts: Early Adaptations and Promptbooks: Davenant, William (1676), Johnson, Samuel and George Steevens (1773), John Poole (1810),Edwin Forrest (1860) Edwin Booth (1879), Henry Irving (1879), Forbes-Roberston (1897) [http://shea.mit.edu/ramparts/collections/upenn/] (March 2002)

Der bestrafte Brudermord (Fratricide Punished) English Translation [http://phoenixandturtle.net/excerptmill/brudermord.htm] (July 05)

modern editions:

Early 20th Century editions (Craig, Collins, World Library etc; mostly Gutenberg Project): [http://readroom.ipl.org/cgi/i/ipl/ipl.books-idx.pl?type=deweystem&q1=8223]

Hamlet on the Ramparts scenes 1.4/1.5 from The Arden Shakespeare, ed. Harold Jenkins (1982), The Three-Text Hamlet, ed. Bernice W. Kliman and Paul Bertram (1991), and The Folger Shakespeare, ed. Barbara Mowat and Paul Werstine (1992). [http://shea.mit.edu/ramparts/collections/etext/index.htm]

Hamlet Oxford Shakespeare (Craig, 1914( [http://www.bartleby.com/70/index42.html] (Nov. 2001)

Hamlet, parallel with modern paraphrase [http://www.lynchmultimedia.com/hamlet_parallel.html] (Jan. 2002)

audio excerpts

Hamlet (audio excerpt from Branagh film) Hamlet: Kenneth Branagh, Ophelia: Kate Winslet, Claudius: Derek Jacobi, Lucianus: Rob Edwards, Polonius: Richard Briers, Gertrude: Julie Christie (to listen, click at scene picture from Knight's Imperial Edition) at: [http://home.wanadoo.nl/m.vanherpt/index.html] (Jan. 2002)
Hamlet (audio excerpt from Zeffirelli film) Gertrude: Glenn Close, Laertes: Nathaniel Parker (to listen, click at scene picture from Knight's Imperial Edition) at: [http://home.wanadoo.nl/m.vanherpt/index.html] (Jan. 2002)



Hamlet, Prinz von Dännemark, Deutsche Übersetzung v. Christoph Martin Wieland [http://projekt.gutenberg.de/shakespr/hamlet/hamlet.htm] (May 2002)

Hamlet, Prinz von Dänemark. Deutsche Übersetzung von J. A. Schlegel. [http://projekt.gutenberg.de/shakespr/hamlet1/hamlet.htm] (May 2002)

Shakespeares Tragische Geschichte von Hamlet Prinzen von Dänemark. In deutscher Nachdichtung und neu eingerichtet .von Gerhart Hauptmann (1928, Uraufführung Dresden 1927)

Hamlet Dutch translation. by Jan Jonk. [http://www.janjonk.nl/] (March 2002)

Hamlet in French / en français, trad. Victor Hugo, [http://www.france.diplomatie.fr/culture/france/biblio/foire_aux_textes/auteurs/shake.html]

Amleto, Shakespeare in Italian, transl. Goffredo Raponi: [http://www.liberliber.it/biblioteca/s/shakespeare/index.htm] (May 2002)

Amleto / Hamlet Italian version (PDF,.readable with Acrobat) [http://infoservice.dnsq.org/sh-tragedie.html]

Russian Hamlet [http://hamlet.emulous.com/] (17/07/00)

Hamlet in Chinese, transl. by Robert Tsou [http://home.earthlink.net/~rmwt/]

sources and context

Saxo Grammaticus, Historia Danica: Amleth, Prince of Denmark [http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/courses/ennc986/class/germ3/holin.html]

Saxo Grammaticus, Historia Danica, Books I-IX [http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/OMACL/DanishHistory/]

Francois de Belleforest, The Hystorie of Hamblet, 1608 [http://www.columbia.edu/~fs10/hamblet.htm]

Christopher Marlowe, The Tragedie of Dido Queene of Carthage, [http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/text?lookup=marl.+did.+toc]

The Furness Shakespeare Library: Online facsimile editions of Hamlet (1623); A Mirovr for Magistrates (1610); [http://dewey.lib.upenn.edu/sceti/furness/] (May 2002)

Titus Livius, Ab urbe condita in Latin and English (Rev. Canon Roberts)

The Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project ("taH pagh taHbe'") has restored Hamlet to the original Klingon and is going to re-translate Macbeth and Much Ado. [http://www.kli.org/stuff/Hamlet.html] (29/02/00)

Timothy Bright, A Treatise of Melancholy [http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~iandel/melancholy.html] (May 2002)

Bacon, On Revenge [http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~iandel/revenge.html] (May 2002)

Lewes Lavater: Of Ghosts and Spirits Walking by Night (transl. 1572) http://www.mtsn.org.uk/staff/staffpages/cer/hamlet/ghosts.html] (March 2002)

Der bestrafte Brudermord (Fratricide Punished) English Translation by H. Howard Furness.[http://phoenixandturtle.net/excerptmill/brudermord.htm] (July 05)

The Ambales Saga [http://www.columbia.edu/~fs10/ambales.htm#name]

William Cecil (Lord Burleigh's)
precepts to his son. (doubtful source for Polonius' Neither a borrower nor a lender be)[http://princehamlet.com/burghley.html] (April 2001)

not available:
The Romane Historie, Titus Livius, trans. Philemon Holland, 1600
Henrici Scotorum Regis Manes..., I. G. (John Gordon), 1587
Seneca, His Tenne Tragedies, Thomas Newton, 1581
Agamemnon, trans. John Studley, 1566
Troas, trans. Jasper Heywood, 1581
The St. Alban's Chronicle
Tarltons Newes of Purgatorie, Anon., 1590
The murder of Francesco Maria I, Duke of Urbino
Eulogies of Men Famous for Warlike Virtue, Paolo Giovio, 1575
A Warning of Faire Women, Anon., 1599
The Conflict of Conscience, Nathaniel Woods, 1581


on-line editions (Folio and Quartos) / modern editions / audio excerpts / translations (German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese)/ sources /



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