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Petrov, Valery (ca. 1970)

In the 1940's, Valery Petrov (b. 1920) still in the beginning of his career wrote some of his best works. A poet of Jewish origin, he is a master of Bulgarian language and wrote lyrical and ironical poems in brilliant rhymed verse. In the 1970's Valeri Petrov also translated Shakespeare's tragedies, comedies, and sonnets in full. It was a very successful translation. In the early 70's Petrov was expelled from the Writer's Union for refusing to vote in support of a letter condemning Solzhenitsyn. But after the 10th of November, in the first multi-party parliament he became a deputy of the Socialist ( former Communist) party . [http://www.vox-international.com/Deconstructing.html]


Petrov, Valery (ca. 1970)

Sonnet 66: [http://www.geocities.com/vz_libr/sonnet66/index.html]




Valery Petrov



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